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Physiotherapy Instrument Mobilisation (PIM)

What is Physiotherapy Instrument Mobilisation?

Physiotherapy Instrument Mobilisation (PIM) is an innovative concept that involves mechanically assisted joint mobilisation according to physiotherapy principles. It has recently been accredited by the Australian Physiotherapy Association as complying with their high standards of continuing professional development.

PIM is a safe measurable and extremely effective joint mobilisation technique provided by specially-trained physiotherapists. It is a unique joint treatment approach to loosen any joint stiffness and ease your pain quickly.

If you are particularly interested in the PIM treatment approach please ask the receptionist when booking your appointment at Northcoast Physiotherapy Clinic.

How Does PIM Differ to the Chiropractic Activator Method?

This concept is completely free from chiropractic philosophy and rationale for the use of mechanical adjusting instruments.

PIM use strictly follows the physiotherapy model of spinal and joint mobilisation. In short, a PIM-trained physiotherapist will treat you differently based on what physiotherapists strongly believe is a superior rationale. Though the PIM instrument may look similar to the chiropractor’s activator instrument used by some, its actual use does vary significantly.

The development of the Physiotherapy Instrument Mobilisation (PIM) concept is based on longstanding orthodox articular physiotherapy and osteopathic approaches. These including Kaltenborn’s Nordic concave-convex methodology, Maitland’s combined movements, Mulligan’s concepts of mobilisation with movement and positional faults, plus Osteopathic upslope/downslope or Type I or II dysfunction methodology.

As physiotherapists, we value methodologies and rationales that have sound scientific basis to assist you achieve your best result as quickly as possible. PIM is an approach that works extremely well when it is incorporated with other evidence-based treatment tools in your physiotherapist’s holistic and multi-system clinical approach.

PIM assessment utilises physiotherapy palpation skills, neural tension testing and neuro testing to apply mobilising and manipulative thrusts along clearly defined treatment planes with greater reliability, specificity and safety than any manual techniques.

Australian physiotherapists have found that PIM provides excellent outcomes for the TMJ, headaches, vertigo, neck and back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, elbow and shoulder pain and foot pain such as plantar fasciitis and much more.

If you haven’t tried a PIM treatment approach and you are still suffering pain, we recommend that you seek the advice of a PIM-trained physiotherapist to see if they can assist you.

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